Top CBD Oil Products to Treat Your Pain

When it comes to buying CBD, people are often confused between organic and non organic compounds, and end up buying the wrong product. Thus, it is very important to understand what CBD oil is before purchasing it.

There are many reputed online stores that offer both organic as well as non organic cannabis products. The Just CBD Store is a popular brand. They have a huge collection of Cannabidiol tinctures, flavored gummies and lollipops, oil, capsules, lotions and more. They are backed by years of experience in manufacturing and distributing CBD products globally.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many other compounds that are found in marijuana plant. It has nothing to do with THC, as CBD does not get you high and has zero side effects. Now if you are clear about what CBD is, let’s briefly discuss the differences between non-organic and organic cannabidiol oils.

Organic Oil

It is an extract from hemp plants including nutrients, minerals and proteins. There are many key differences between organic and non-organic oil.  There are certain specifications to meet for an organic product.

  • Hemp or marijuana plant are grown organically and natural farming practices are followed
  • The ingredients should be natural extraction from the plant
  • There should be no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides on the land where it is grown
  • Quality of the product should not be compromised
  • If any synthetic substance is used, it should be approved by the appropriate body

Forms of Natural CBD Oil

One can find different kinds of oil such as natural isolate natural wax, tropicals, vapes, edibles, pills, and capsules.


  • It is beneficial for health as it is free from any kind of preservatives and pesticides.
  • It is good for environment as well. It maintains the fertility of soil as manure is used.
  • It discharges fewer chemicals in the oceans.

Due to the above mentioned reasons the organic oil is expensive than the non-organic one.

Non-Organic Oil

On the other hand, it offers same benefits to some extent.  However, in growing hemp or marijuana plant to extract oil, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are extensively used. The quality is inferior to that of organic oil. You can find preservatives, additives and fillers used in the production. Thus, it can damage your health and surrounding environment in the long run.


There are ample of shops to buy the products. You can explore online shops and retail shops nearby your area.  There are many stores selling fake products, which are injurious to health. Thus, one should be cautious and buy only authentic products. You should check the labels and details properly. If it is organic oil, then certification should be checked. Dispensaries are the good option to buy from. They sell in limited product line because obtaining licenses for these stores is difficult and costly.

Organic products are effective for health and environment too. One can always rely on its quality. Still, if you want to choose between the two, you should consider various factors like availability, price, purpose and personal preferences before purchasing them.